Kane County Pre-Nuptial Agreement Lawyers

Pre-nuptial agreements are legal documents which structure a marrying couple’s intent prior to marriage. A pre-nuptial agreement can contain specifics to future rights and obligations in reagrds to spousal maintenance, property division, and asset division, etc. in the even that the couples part ways in the future. A pre-nuptial agreement is valid and can in place once a marriage has commenced. It can only be modified or revoked if both parties consent and submit changes in writing. The pre-nuptial agreement is governed by the Illinois Uniform Premarital Agreement Act.

When is a Pre-Nuptial Agreement Appropriate?

Couples choose a pre-nuptial agreement (pre-nupt) to make sure that in the event of a separation, that all property and assets are distributed according to their wishes. People also engage in prenups when children are involved from a previous marriage and the mother or father of those children wants to make sure that any property goes to child or children instead of the current spouse should a death or separation occur.

Pre-nuptial agreements can be changed and amended in writing. However, both parties must agree and consent to the document’s changes.

Kane County Post-Nuptial Agreement Lawyers

A post-nuptial agreement occures after a couple gets married. People who do not want a pre-nuptial agreement before marriage, have the option of signing a post-nuptial agreement. A post-nuptial agreement must be voluntary, and agreed upon by both spouses.

The attorneys at Doyen Law Group, LLC help our clients draft, negotiate and litigate these agreements. Some situations involving  post-nuptial agreements involve spouses who may be going through marital problems, and want to ensure that their assets are protected.

Marriage is an exciting time. However, it is smart to be responsible and prepared should the unexpected occur. One situation that may call for a post -nuptial agreement, is when a person may want to ensure that their property or other assets go to children or grandchildren instead of a current spouse.

Issues of pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements can be sensitive. It is important for each party to discuss their wishes for the marriage and to discuss their goals for how affairs should be handled in the future.

We are Skilled Negotiators and Litigators

Doyen Law Group, LLC is a family law firm. Our experience as family law attorneys, can help our clients make  informed decisions before marriage. To ensure that your pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreement is in accordance with Illinois state laws, it is best to consult with a qualified an experienced attorney. For more information and help, please contact our firm to set up a free initial consultation and case review.

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