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The child support attorneys at Doyen Law Group, LLC understand the child support laws of Illinois. These laws are based on a formula established by statute. Individuals can get an estimate of probable child support court orders by linking to Section 505 – Child support; contempt; penalties. Whether you think you might be required to make child support payments, concerned about temporary child support, or are hoping to receive support payments, it is best to talk to a knowledgeable and experienced Illinois child support lawyer.

What are the advantages of speaking to a child support & maintenance attorney?

Family law attorneys are skilled at understanding what variation of support may be advantageous to both parties. For example, with unallocated support or maintenance, the higher income party pays “unallocated maintenance” rather than both child support and spousal maintenance. The tax savings to the higher income spouse may allow for additional funds to be available for payments to the lower income spouse.

In some cases, spouses can be accused or guilty of hiding money. Therefore, a forensic accountant may be necessary to identify sources of income for the purposes of calculating support payments. This is particularly true when one spouse is a sole proprietor or self-employed and does not receive a W-2 form from employment.

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Illinois Maintenance (Alimony) Lawyers

Attorneys for Spousal Maintenance Issues in Kane, DuPage, Kendall, McHenry and Cook Counties

The attorneys at Doyen Law Group, LLC understand the legal complexities of spousal support. Maintenance (alimony), is support for one divorcing spouse to the other spouse. It is awarded based on many facts and circumstances,  and it is not just automatically granted. The knowledgeable spousal maintenance lawyers at Doyen Law Group, LLC can help you understand your specific situation.

Clients typically have many questions about how spousal maintenance is determined and calculated. Some factors that go into this calculation, are the amount of marital property and assets accumulated, the length of the marriage, the roles and ages of both spouses in the marriage, the spouses incomes and the couples current standard of living, are both spouses capable of being self sufficient and self-supported, etc. In addition, the court can award “rehabilitative maintenance”. This type of maintenance is designed to help one spouse complete his or her education in order to become self-supported. The court can also allocate temporary support for the duration of the divorce proceedings.

Support in Illinois is based on need and the ability to pay. There is no exact formula or percentages used when calculating maintenance in Illinois.  

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