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Property Division & Divorce

If you are thinking of filing for a divorce, or the process has already begun – undoubtedly you have wondered how your property and other assets will be divided?

A marriage includes the sharing of investments, purchases, and other acquired property. The division of this property is not always simple. Property to be divided for a divorce is done in relation to the duration of the marriage as well as a few other factors. In addition, circumstances involving child custody / support, and spousal maintenance may also play a role in determining the division of property.

How is Property Divided in Illinois?

Illinois is an equitable division State. Equitable doesn’t mean equal. In Illinois, marital property refers to any property obtained by either spouse after their marriage. Non-marital property is property owned prior to the marriage.

Kane County Property Distribution Lawyers

At the Doyen Law Group, LLC, our attorneys have experience in accounting, and asset / business valuations to help you throughout your property and asset division process. There are some standard factors that play a role in how your property will be distributed. It is critical that we understand all the facts and circumstances of your individual case. Property is divided based on the use or ownership of marital or non-marital property by each party.

Some factors that may need to be considered in the division of property include:

  • assest and liabilities
  • current economic circumstances of each spouse
  • custodial requirements for the child or children
  • each persons age
  • each persons health
  • each persons income and source of income
  • each persons occupation
  • employability
  • job skills
  • property assigned in addition to or instead of spousal maintenance
  • rights and obligations from a prior marriage (if any)
  • tax consequences of property division on each person
  • the marriage’s duration

Securing Your Future

Sorting through the complexities of how property will be divided requires the legal skill and experience of a family law attorney who has seen it all. At Doyen Law Group, LLC , our Illinois property division lawyers will help evaluate your marital property and non-marital property to ensure that you come out of your divorce with what you deserve. Contact us today for help and a free consultation and case review.

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