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People with certain arrests and convictions on their record may petition the court of the county in which they were sentenced in to expunge or seal their records. We can help you answer any questions you may have regarding your eligibility for an expungement, or to have your records sealed. 

Record Sealing / Expunging Criminal Record Lawyers

Many people believe that if a person is arrested and charged with a criminal offense (and the charge is dismissed) that there will not be a record of the offense on the person’s record. As many individuals later discover – this is not always the case. When a person is detained for a criminal matter, a detention record is created.

A criminal record can make it difficult to obtain a mortgage, student loans, business loan, etc. In addition, a mark on your record may make it hard to find a job, find a house or apartment, or enroll into higher education (college). In Illinois certain records can be removed from public access. An eligible person must petition the court for their records to be sealed or expunged.

When evaluating a petition, the court must determine that the harm to a person with a mark on their record is greater than the harm to the public. If a judge rules in the petitioner’s favor, then the judge may order to seal the record or expungethe record.

Kane County Record Sealing Attorneys

A criminal record can cause a real problem. There are options available to people in these situations. Sealing a record is when a record is sealed and only visible by law enforcement. Others, such as landlords, potential employers, etc., may not. This means that the court file is no longer available for public viewing or public searches. Only members of law enforcement with an appropriate level of access can view the files.

A criminal defense lawyer at Doyen Law Group, LLC will help you take the legal actions needed to seal your record. Contact a local criminal defense attorney at Doyen Law Group, LLC to find out how you can get your criminal record sealed.

Kane County Expungement Attorney

Expungement is when a record is erased or removed. In addition, the circuit court clerk of the court will erase the record from the books and the computers. For legal purposes, expungement means that the case never happened.

An expungement lawyer from our law firm can help you seal your record, or have your record expunged.

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