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Child Paternity / Parentage

Illinois state law states that paternity is the parental relationship established between a man and a child. Verifying who the father of a child is, will help determine custody, visitation rights and financial obligations of the child or children. A father must proof biologically that they are the father of a child in order to legally have rights as the parent of that child.

A man is presumed the natural father of a child according to the Illinois Parentage Act if:

  • If he and the birth mother got married after the birth and the man’s name is consensually listed on the birth certificate;
  • The man and the child’s birth mother are or were married and the child was conceived or born during that time;
  • The man and the natural mother both signed a paternity acknowledgement;
  • The man and the natural mother signed an acknowledgement of parentage, or, if the man is not the biological father, an acknowledgement of parentage and a denial of paternity.

You can learn more at the Illinois Parentage Act.

Proof is Needed to Establish Paternity

A court order or a signed and filed Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity is needed in Illinois to establish or verify paternity of a child. This is important to understand because only a spouse that is proven to be the father of a child or children through paternity is required to pay child support. In addition, for child support enforcement, a man must be proven to be the father of the child or children. A man who is proven to be the biological father of a child or children must adhere to his responsibility including child support. There are many more examples and variations of paternity disputes that present challenges for an individual or family to resolve. The attorneys at the Doyen Law Group, LLC, can help you understand your rights and responsibilities of others.

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The family law firm of Doyen Law Group, LLC, has the experience and resources necessary to help a couple settle any paternity issue.  Understanding who is accountable for a child’s welfare and well being can help couples with custody and visitation disputes.

Establishing paternity is important for the well being of the child and children involved. 

With over 30 years of experience handling family law cases in Illinois, Doyen Law Group, LLC, has the competency and skill needed to efficiently and professionally handle matters of paternity. We help you ensure that the each proper party is awarded parental rights. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your paternity matter.

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